Scentifolia Roses are cut and packed with care by rose loving people. The roses are shipped the same day they are cut in order to ensure  that fresh and beautiful roses arrive at your door. However, roses are by nature delicate and some damage may occur while in transit. If your garden roses look damaged or wilted, please follow the Garden Rose Care instructions (found in the insert included in the box) and let them recuperate overnight in water in a cool area of your home. If the next day, you are still unhappy, please send an email to and we will be happy to replace your roses or issue a full refund.

 We will refund you the full amount (shipping included) within 7 business days. Your refund will be applied to the credit card, debit card or initial form of payment used when purchasing items.


Non Delivery or Late Delivery
We work diligently to ship your orders on time. However, since our roses are shipped to you directly from our farm in Colombia, they may be delayed due to weather, customs, etc. If your order is not delivered on the established delivery date, we can either send you a free replacement on our next available delivery date, or refund you the full price of your order within 7 days. Simply email


We take very good care of our roses and make sure that everything we ship is top quality, however, there are things that happen during their long trip – like heat or frost– that can damage the roses. If they arrive frozen or heated or don’t meet your expectations for any reason, we will gladly replace them or issue a full refund (including any shipping charges).  There is no need to send the roses back to us!! Simply email with the order information and we will take care of it.



If our roses do not perform in the vase, or you are in any way dissatisfied with them please call us at (424) 299-7701 for an immediate replacement or a full refund.